WN Series

Wafer Nexus  Series

WN Series

COB Technology combined with Taylorleds Superior cabinet design has built more COB walls than anyone else in the US.


WN  SERIES 9mm, 1.2mm. 1.5mm, 1.8mm


Never miss any action with the Wafer Nexus. The perfect viewing experience with 16:9 aspect ratio. Easily create any size screen. This cable-less design between panels and modules reduces the space needed in the panels creating a thin frame.


Internal Alignmant bracket used for perfect flatness and panel alignment.


Custom designed wall. mounts and trim finish the installlation.


The WN Series is available with the Novastar A10s Pro Card and upgraded IC’s to take full advantage of the most powerful Graphics Engine available today. WN Series Elevates the LED Experience by providing State of the Art Color, Operational Control and Advanced Camera Correction features.”

Wafer Shine

The Wafer Shine consists of 1 big square panel (Master) and 2 smaller modular (Slave) panels. Slave panels provides great modular flexibility to fit anywhere spatially and aesthetically. The Wafer Shine is ultralight and thin, makes it easy to install and mount to any wall or surface.

Panel Size (mm): 750*500(W*H)

Pixel Pitch (mm): 1.953/2.6/2.976/3.91

Brightness (nits): 800/1000/1200

Weight (kg/Panel): 9.5

Operating Temperature Range: -10℃ – 40℃


Panels give great modular flexibility, for interesting spatial needs and aesthetic creations. Slave panels can be mounted unevenly and used without the master panel.

Cost Savings

Main power supply and receiving cards are in the master panel for creative flexibility and cost-savings.

Built for perfection

Two alignment pins on top of the panel and 3 on the sides for the ultimate fine tuning for the perfect flat screen.

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