VG Series

Vapor Glare Series


VG Series

Outdoor Live Event, Rental and Touring Panel with State of the Art Features and Performance.


VG SERIES 3.9mm, 4.8mm


Magnets located in the top of the panel for easy alignment and fast installation.

The VS Pro Series comes in (2) Sizes 500mm x 500mm and 500mm x 1000mm. Available in (3) Pixel Pitches 1.9mm, 2.6mm and 3.9mm.


Designed for maximum protection during install and transportation

The All-in-One Power Box can be hot swappable for quick service.

Curve lock system for Concave or Convex wave screen design with -5° to ±10°


Ready for the Road




The WX Pro comes with the Novastar A10s Pro Card. We upgraded the IC’s to take full advantage of the most powerful Graphics Engine available today. With the exceptional, versatile design of the WX Pro Series and the Powerful new COEX MX Series Processors , the WU Pro Elevates the LED Experience by providing State of the Art Color, Operational Control and Advanced Camera Correction features.



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VG Cube

45° chamfers frames can easily be added to the standard VG panels to create any corner horizontally and vertically. With these panels the seam at the corner is greatly reduced.

Panel Size (mm): 500*500(W*H)

Pixel Pitch (mm): 3.9/4.8

Brightness (nits): 4500

Weight (kg/Panel): 9.2

Operating Temperature Range: -20℃ – 50℃


Quick release all-in-one data and power pack. Fully front or rear maintenance.


Built-in feature to easily convert to floor screen or dance floor. Customize frames to build 90° corners.


VG CUBE panels can work with any standard Vapor Glare Series panels.

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